The Slater Center now offers live rosin – one of the purest, most potent and most flavorful cannabis concentrates available – made here in our labs and now available as medication for our patients.

Live rosin is a superior form of hash oil created through an all-natural process designed to preserve and capture more of the delicate terpenes from freshly harvested cannabis plants.

These cannabinoids, rich in both THC and aroma, are used to produce an exceptional rosin that is far more potent, fragrant and flavorsome than traditional cannabis concentrates.

Live rosin is perfect for patients seeking a high-potency cannabis medicine that be consumed in smaller doses than flower and other concentrates, so it’s an efficient way to medicate. It’s also a favorite of cannabis connoisseurs, who appreciate the enhanced aroma and flavor as well as the increased potency.

Live rosin is different than other types of rosins and concentrates because of the way it is processed – in a time-consuming, all-natural manner without the use of solvents or other chemicals. The timing is also critical to preserve vulnerable terpenes.

We create live rosin with fresh-cut plants, brought directly to our Solventless Extraction Lab immediately after being harvested in our grow rooms. Each plant is carefully trimmed to preserve the trichomes on the flower and sugar leaves, which are immediately frozen at low temperatures to protect and preserve the terpenes

This frozen plant material is then repeatedly rinsed in a stainless-steel vessel of ice water, where the agitation process gently separates the trichomes from the fresh-frozen flower. The water is then filtered through several layers of micron bags designed to separate and collect the trichomes, while screening plant matter and impurities.

The filtered trichomes are then freeze-dried to remove all moisture. The resulting material is known as ice hash or ice wax – a potent cannabis concentrate, in and of itself.

But we put this ice wax through an additional filtering process, placing it in small micron bags that are pressed at low heat to remove any remaining impurities without compromising the terpenes. The result is a clean concentrate, which we pack and seal in glass jars and store at a cool temperature.

Live rosin is among the purest and most flavorful cannabis medicines now available to our patients. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Learn more about live rosin and other cannabis medicine on our menu page and watch our video (above) to see how it’s made.