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ELO Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)1 Gram-m


Strains: ELO Mixed (Dry Cured Flower And Trim)

SATIVAINDICA1:1  CBD   50/50 Mix
THC: 72.210% | CBD: 1.36%

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RSO is a whole plant extraction, nothing is added or removed from the plants natural chemical composition. ELO’s version is full spectrum, meaning maximum amounts of phytochemicals and a wide range of cannabinoids including and most importantly THC. ELO uses organic, non/GMO ethanol as a solvent and multi layer filtration for extraction purposes. RSO has been known to help with numerous ailments that include cancer, MS, high blood pressure, depression, and arthritis. It can also be used for pain management, improvement of appetite and helps with nausea. Patients should consult with a Patient Advisor before use to figure out daily dosage. RSO should be ingested only ( Do not smoke/vape).

3.3g off gram Limit

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