THC – Jupiter **L6** Cartridges ($65.00 each / Battery sold separately)

Indica: Banana Kush

Test Results: THC: 63.221%  CBD: 1.410%

Ratio: I/S – 60/40

Sativa:  Super Lemon Haze

Test Results: THC: 69.106%  CBD: 0.773%

Ratio: S/I


50 / 50: Grape Ape

Test Results: THC: 61.558%  CBD: 1.900%

Ratio: MIX – 50/50



**New Jupiter Cartridge**

Introducing now at TCS the 5/10 threaded Jupiter Cartridge and Battery Set-up, Instead of the L9 Magnetic Design, the L6 is a threaded cartridge and a button-less battery, guaranteed to hit as powerful if not more than the L9 Design.