TCS BC Cheese #1

Description:   BC Cheese is a well balanced hybrid made with old school genetics like Legend OG, Skunk #1 and UK Cheese which is quite possibly the cheesiest of all cheese varieties. Tasty in a fruity citrus kinda way on the inhale followed closely by creamy cheese on the exhale. The body effects are smooth and relaxing followed by and uplifting cerebral and thought provoking moments. The BC Cheese is different than most cheeses so even if your not a fan of cheese give this one a try.

Strain: TCS BC Cheese
Breeder: BC Bud Depot
Genetics: Skunk #1 x UK Cheese

Test Results: THC: 22.100% CBD: 1.155%
Ratio (Indica / Sativa ): I/S – 60/40

Medical Benefits:  Mild aches and Pains without the sleep and hunger inducing effects, very cerebral and heady good for stress, anxiety, depression and wakeful rest while relaxing around the house.