The Slater Center is now offering new patients a 20 percent discount on their first order. The discount is available to all first-time patients with valid medical marijuana cards from any state.

We welcome ALL new patients from Rhode Island and out-of-state. The registration process is quick and easy. Bring your medical card and government-issued photo ID to the dispensary during regular business hours. (We are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.) We will have you fill out a few forms and answer any questions you may have. Once registered, you can purchase medical cannabis inside the dispensary or place an online order to be picked up at our drive thru. You also can sign up for AeroPay, an online payment service that allows you to pay for your order online and use the Express Lane of our drive thru for quick and easy pickup.

Everyone who registers as a patient after January 1, 2022, is eligible for the new patient discount. The 20 percent discount applies to your first order only. This is in addition to low-income, senior citizen and military discounts available to those who qualify.

If you have questions about becoming a patient, check the Welcome section of our website or give us a call at 401-274-1000. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.








NOTE NEW HOURS STARTING MONDAY 12/5. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Dispensary open 9am to 8pm; Drive Thru open 9am to 5:30pm; Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Dispensary open 9 am to 9 pm; Drive Thru open 9am to 5:30pm; Sun day: Dispensary and Drive Thru both open 10am to 6pm.