Slater Center Introduces Cannabis Oil Distillate – Highly Potent, Extremely Versatile Cannabis Medicine

We’re introducing a new item to our menu – cannabis oil distillate, made right here in our lab at the Slater Center.

Distillates are among the most desirable medical cannabis concentrates because they are highly potent and extremely versatile. They can be dabbed or vaped, or they can be infused into other cannabis products, including edibles, tinctures and topicals. Given the extremely high concentration of THC in these distillates, the effects are felt almost immediately.

We make our distillate using benchtop short-path distillation. We start with supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction to carefully separate and extract THC from plant materials and cannabinoids. This crude oil is further processed, purified and refined, removing most of the color, all of the odor and other unwanted biproducts. The result is pure, solventless delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol .

Purity and potency are among the factors that set distillates apart from other cannabis concentrates, and these can vary widely from one source to the next, depending on the quality of the flower and the processing method.

Our distillates have a THC concentration of approximately 90 percent, as confirmed through testing by an independent lab.

This high concentration of THC makes distillate a very potent form of cannabis medicine, so can use less medication to achieve the same effects. When dabbed or vaped, the effects are felt nearly immediately. It also can be added to flower in a rolling paper or bowl, to intensify the effects without altering the aroma or flavor.

Distillates also can be used an ingredient in edibles, providing the desired effect without the plant-like taste or smell. They can be consumed on their own or dropped sublingually under the tongue. They also work in topicals, which are absorbed through the skin.

This versatility makes distillate an appealing choice for medical patients, allowing them to choose the manner of consumption that is most comfortable for them.