The Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center, Inc., is committed to providing safe, dignified, and affordable access to medical marijuana for approved patients in the State of Rhode Island.


What do I need when I come to register at the Slater Compassion Center?

Patients need a valid Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Card and valid photo ID.

I have a recommendation from another state. Can I come to your dispensary?

Yes.  If you are a licensed Medical Marijuana Patient from another state, you may purchase medicine from our dispensary. Be sure to bring in a valid state I.D and you Medical Marijuana license. 


What is the limit of medicine I can purchase?

By law, a patient may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of medicine every two weeks. This amount is tracked by our software.

Do you have a compassion program?

Yes, we have a compassion program for qualifying patients. We offer discounts to veterans, seniors, and qualifying low income patients. We strive to always have affordable medicine on our shelf for all of our patients. For more information please contact us at 401-274-1000.

Do you deliver/can I order online?

As of this time, the only way to purchase and obtain medicine is by coming to the dispensary. You can view our full menu at www.slatercenter.com and then clicking the menu tab.

How do I know what medicine to purchase for my condition?

Our qualified staff will work closely with each patient to determine the strain or type of medicine that is best suited for your treatment.

Is your location secure?

TCS employs a professional security team that respects the patient-centered atmosphere of the facility. The property is highly secure with a well-lit parking area and 24-hour monitoring.


The Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center will only be providing the finest medical grade cannabis.

This is ensured by the specialists at the dispensary as well as a certified laboratory.

This laboratory will be testing for potency and a safety screening using state of the art equipment and technology.


Potency tests will provide vital statistics on the amount of active cannabinoids in the medicine. Whether it is a flower, edible, or extract, the percentage of THC, CBD, and CBN will be indicated.

This is useful in determining the correct dosage, so that a patient can ascertain the amount of medicine present in milligrams. For instance, if a flower comes back with 16.5% CBD and 7.5% THC, it means there is 165 milligrams of CBD and 75 milligrams of THC per gram of medicine.



A safety screening is performed by the dispensary, and the laboratory. For the screening we mainly look for signs of decay, such as bud rot or mold, etc.

The lab has the capacity to be more extensive as their equipment lets them get an in depth analysis, and will eventually be able to test for pesticides as well.


What a nice variety.. you guys have been kicking butt!!! Thanks again!

Chris F.

TCS PATIENT, Facebook Profile

Im so glad you are up and running and able to help the patients and improve their quality of life in a positive way for so many !! Congrats and keep up the amazing work !!!

Todd K.

TCS PATIENT, Facebook Profile

TCS’s DCB is the Hizenberg of hemp …the Walter White of weed… I grabbed some of the Chem Dawn yesterday… lovely

Thomas E.

TCS PATIENT, Facebook Profile


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