History of Cannabis

Ancient Times

Ancient Remedy

Across the World

Cannabis is a plant used as an herbal remedy throughout history for medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes, with evidence of its use dating back to ancient civilizations.


Cannabis in the US

Cannabis was a patented component of medicine in the United States in the 1800s and early 1900s, when it was prescribed as a medical treatment for nausea, appetite stimulation and pain relief. However, many states banned its use during Prohibition in the 1920s and the federal government later made it a crime to possess, use or sell any form of cannabis.


Late 1900s / Early 2000s


More States Allow Use

Over the past few decades, with mounting public support, a growing number of states have passed legislation allowing the legal use of cannabis and related products for medical and/or adult use. The majority of states across the country and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of marijuana in some form, and other states are currently considering it.


First Dispensary in RI

The Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center was the first medical cannabis dispensary to open in Rhode Island in 2013, after the RI General Assembly passed  legislation approving the legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.


Let us help you feel better, too.

The Slater Center has been helping people feel better naturally since 2013.

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